Sample Menus

It’s all about the ingredients and ultimately it’s all about you.Cuisine by Lela would like to offer you local, organic, seasonal menus that will fill your belly and feed your soul. Whatever your choice Cuisine by Lela strives to create delicious meals for you, your friends and family. So experience Cuisine by Lela and let Linda do the cooking while you sit back and relax.

Sample menus do not include “beautiful bites” to include ” beautiful bites” as a part of your evening just pick from the gallery. All pricing upon request.

  • Spring Beautiful Bites

    Spring in a Bite­ “Secret” feta, fava bean smash, roasted baby asparagus tips, dill gravlax, lemon oil and chive garnish.

    English Pea Pesto Bruschetta­ truffled basket ricotta, jowl of the pig cracklins’ chive oil.

    Apricot Brown Sugar bites­ Fresh apricot preserve, local goat chevre, brown sugar cured bacon, sweet pecan dust.

    Wine Country Bites­ Pt. Reyes Blue, fig two ways, guanciale, balsamic reduction.

    Wild Mushroom Stroganoff Bites­ Mascarpone, creamy chardonnay mushroom saute, bitter greens, stinging nettle pesto.

    Mini Al Pastor Duck Confit Tacos­ sonoma pepper jack, chimichurri, jalapeno jam.

    Petit Prosciutto and Cheese Stuffed Gougeres­ Roasted Asparagus, prosciutto di parma, gruyere, lemon­dijon aioli.

    Grilled Rib­Eye Bruschetta­ Charmoula, wild arugula, shaved pecorino.
    White bean and Spring Garlic Bites­ Cannellini bean and spring garlic puree, sauteed baby broccoli, herbed chevre, meyer lemon zest, chive oil.

    West Coast Creamed Kale and Pork Bites­ Creamed Tuscan kale on mini corn blini with pork belly and rosemary jam.

  • Summer Bites

    Summer in a Bite­ Linda’s sungold tomatoes, burrata, pistou, guanciale, pistachio dust, balsamic redux swirl.

    Peaches and Cream­ Backyard peaches from Linda’s garden, whipped mascarpone, candied pecans, wild raw honey drizzle.

    Meze Bites­ Miniature Heirloom tomatoes, “secret” feta, olive tapenade, cucumber­mint relish.

    Mini Al Pastor Pork Tacos­ Pickled red onion, avocado jalapeno salsa, pineapple crudo, achiote aioli.

    Marinated Skirt Steak Bruschetta­ Chimichurri, grilled onions, blistered tomato relish. Corn Cakes­ Sweet corn blini, Mt. Tam cheese, jalapeno jelly, charred sweet corn off the cob. Ceviche Verde: House­made wonton chips, avocado­mango relish, roasted poblano crema. Seasonally Rotating Veggie Confit­ Whatever the garden will bear with burrata, roasted garlic, sriracha cream.

    Grown­Up Quesadillas­ Chorizo, serrano jack, queso fresco,grilled corn, chimichurri, heirloom tomato avocado relish.

    Mini Shrimp Summer Rolls­ Brioche rolls, celery­pickled onion crudo, sriracha cocktail sauce, fresh squeezed lemon.

  • Amuse Bouche’s…or you just gotta have a little pasta!

    Spring Pea and Fresh Ricotta Ravioli­ Stinging nettle pesto, fava bean saute, sweet cream meyer lemon sauce.

    This is What They Serve in Heaven­ Variety of sauteed wild mushrooms, creamy white wine reduction sauce, pappardelle. Finished with shaved truffle pecorino, truffle salt, chervil.

    Garden Veggie Risotto­ Just a taste..Whatever is harvested from Linda’s garden that day. White wine, homemade chicken stock, meyer lemon, parmigiano reggiano.

    House Made Fettuccine­ Blistered sungolds, pistou, shaved piave, fried zucchini blossom. Creamy White Polenta­ Lamb meatball, charred rainbow cabbage, calabrian chili oil.

    Savory Spring Garlic Panna Cotta­ Roasted lemon­herb asparagus, dill salmon gravlax, meyer lemon oil, chive.

    Chipotle chili Corn Souffle­ Blistered heirloom tomato vine, sriracha salt.
    Fresh Rigatoni with Sausage Ragu­ Cauliflower confit, mascarpone, shaved pecorino, chili flakes.

    Summer Lasagna­ Seasonally driven. Thyme and honey slow roasted tomato confit, stinging nettle pesto, parmigianno reggiano.

    Fresh Spring Pea Pancetta Risotto­ Sweet cream, pea pesto, marscapone, grilled asparagus, meyer lemon zest.

  • Tried and True Bites

    Brown Sugar Bacon Mini Grilled Cheese Bites­ Fig Jam, Pepper­jack, balsamic redux.

    Bistro Bites­ Mini Croque Monsieur, thinly sliced french ham, gruyere, bechamel. Dusted with powdered sugar.

    Mini Reubens on Brioche­ Linda’s famous corned beef, horseradish cheddar, mustardy slaw, zinfandel red currant reduction sauce.
    Pesto Mushroom Melts­ Mini panini bites with wild foraged mushroom saute, arugula and havarti.

    Charred Cauliflower and Shishito Bruschetta­ Blistered peppers, Bellwether Farms basket ricotta, picada sauce.

    Grilled Padron Pepper Bites­ Burrata, calabrian chili oil, shaved parmesan, korean salt.

    Ahi Tuna Tartare Poke Style­ cucumber and yellow pepper crudo, avocado smash, spicy thai mayo, sweet soy. Finished with Dehydrated kale dust.
    Mini All­Beef Sliders with Brown Sugar Bacon­ chipotle slaw, jalapeno jack, sriracha aioli.

    Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio Bites­ Linda’s all­kale caesar, shaved truffle pecorino, caper­mustard aioli, calabrian chili oil.

    Charcuterie Cone­ Hand roll of thinly shaved specialty meats, radicchio, wild arugula, and parmesan. Pistachio dust and truffle oil to finish.
    Naked Lamb Sliders on Skewers­ Mint Tzatziki, pickled cucumber slaw, za’Atar spice, calabrian chili.

  • Spring/Summer Soups

    Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho; Tomatoes from Linda’s garden, grilled jumbo prawn, creme fraiche.

    Raw Avocado Soup­ Spicy Chorizo, grilled sweet corn, queso fresco, calabrian chili oil.

    Nicaraguan Red Bean Soup­ Queso fundido, homemade fried tortilla strips, crema, jalapeno, cilantro.

    Dino Kale and Garbanzo Bean­ Grilled garden zucchini, chilis, pecorino.

    Summers Bounty Raw Soup­ Chef’s choice garden select.

    Old Fashioned Corn Chowder­ Corn cob broth, grilled red onion, jalapeno, cream.

    Cream of Artichoke Heart­ Fried brussels sprout leaves, parsley pesto, lemon oil.

    Charred Red Bell Pepper Soup­ Blistered cherry tomatoes, pistou, ricotta stuffed fried zucchini blossom, shaved parmesan.

    Watercress and English Pea­ Grilled asparagus, mascarpone, pea pesto swirl. Mini fried bread croutons.

    Classic Cream of Tomato­ Variety of slow roasted tomatoes and garlic from Lindas garden. Creme Fraiche + balsamic redux swirl. Topped with “the ultimate grilled cheese” spear.

  • Spring/Summer Salads

    Six­Lettuce Salad­ Green goddess, fried chickpeas, grilled prawn, avocado, scallion.

    “Bacon and Eggs”­ Wild Arugula, burrata topped with fried sungold tomatoes, brown­sugar bacon, fried bread croutons, fig+honey vinaigrette.

    Greek Salad My Way­ Garden cukes, heirloom tomato mix, “secret” feta, salami strips, roasted pepper+olive tapenade, red wine vinaigrette.

    Honey Roasted Beet and Gem Lettuce Salad­ Goat cheese croquettes, sweet pecans, beet panna cotta, micro­greens, chili­honey vinaigrette.

    All­Kale Ceasar­ Pan fried Della Fattoria croutons, shaved pecorino, anchovy­caper dressing, calabrian chili oil, pistachio dust.

    Wild Arugula Corn Salad­ Blistered sweet white corn, sungold tomatoes, pecorino, pistachio, hog jowl, fig champagne vinaigrette.

    Crazy Salad!­ Mixed Greens, fried kale, tempura shrimp, pickled onions, pineapple+mango dressing.

    Peaches, Nectarines and Plums, Oh My!­ Duck confit, wild baby greens, fresh ricotta, prickly pear vinaigrette.

    Wine Country Wedge­ Figs, Point Reyes Blue, Champagne grapes, butter lettuce hearts,sweet pecans, walnut fig jam vinaigrette.

    Blackened Cauliflower Salad­ Frisee, grilled shishito peppers, kumquats, tangy lime dressing.

    and just because…Basil Panna Cotta­ Raw Tomato puree, tomatoes blistered on the vine, micro­greens, balsamic pearls. Finished with happy salt.

  • Spring/Summer Main Courses

    Seared Beef Tenderloin­ Glazed with rosemary­garlic jam, sliced thin. Creamed kale+spinach, roasted fingerling potatoes, horseradish creme, frizzled herbs.

    Zinfandel+Red Currant Glazed Corned Beef OMG!­ Cabbage saute, buttermilk mashed potatoes, spring herbs.

    Lamb Shank Ragu­ White polenta, spring veggie saute, mascarpone, fried parsley.

    Duck Leg Confit­ Refried white bean spring garlic mash, bitter greens, blueberry cabernet reduction.

    Boozey Peach­Stuffed Pork Chops­ Corn bread pudding, low country collard greens, sweet+salty bacon dust.

    “Nobu Style” Miso Glazed Arctic Char­ Forbidden rice, shiitake saute, tempura green beans, sriracha aioli.

    Wild Seared Local Salmon­ Israeli couscous, cherry tomato salsa, pesto creme, melting leeks. Blackened Jumbo Prawns­ Sweet corn risotto, bacon jam, blistered tomatoes on the vine.

    Low and Slow 7­Hour Pork Shoulder­ Carolina gold BBQ sauce, grown­up mac n’ chesse,chipotle rainbow slaw.

    Tuscan Lemon Chicken­ Arugula corn salad, fried bread croutons, dried currants, shaved parmesan, honey­lemon vinaigrette. Smokey paprika+fried chicken skin aioli on the side-­­OMG!

  • Spring/Summer Desserts

    Lemon Balm­Rosemary meyer lemon bars, meyer lemon honey panna cotta, shot of local sonoma limoncello.

    Badass Banana Cake­ Bourbon spiked frosting, salted caramel, wild honey gelato, english toffee dust.

    Watmaugh Farms Spring Berry Crisp­ Sweet pecan oatmeal crumble, wild honey gelato, very berry reduction sauce.

    Linda’s Backyard Peach Crisp­ Sweet pecan oatmeal crumble, kentucky bourbon ice cream, salted caramel.

    Pick Your Flavor Creme Brulee!

    Not Your Mama’s Strawberry Shortcake­ Ask!

    DIY Sunday Bar­ Homemade gelatos, homemade sauces, variety of toppings.

    Ex: Peach custard Ice cream, boozy sauteed peaches, bourbon salted caramel, english tofee dust.

    Chocolate Sin Tarte­ Speculoos cookie crust, dark chocolate ganache center, salted chocolate glaze, caramel drizzle, wild honey gelato.

    Chocolate 3 Ways­ Chocolate pot de creme, chocolate bon bon, chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie with bacon dust.

    Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich­ Salted caramel gelato sandwiched between Linda’s double chocolate chip cookies. Served with salted caramel and chocolate dipped potato chip.