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For your table I can prepare local, organic and seasonal menus that will fill your belly. Keep clicking and get hungry.

What my clients are saying!

  • I screen hundreds of women for breasts cancer each year at my clinic, and I recommend Linda's services to anyone who discovers that they need help for optimal treatment.
    Dr. Nancy Gardner, Director, Optimal Health Clinic, San Rafael CA
  • I've been a Broker in Marin County for over 20 years, and I've been to hundreds of these 'broker's opens', and Linda's food is by far the best! I'm so excited she is on the scene...
    Cheryl Wheeler, Real Estate Broker
  • I don't want raw food, I want good food. I used to be a junk food junkie but with Linda's help I eat great. Everything is organic, fresh, and impeccably prepared. I've lost 30 pounds, quit smoking and my numbers are great... She even got me to practice yoga. She's more than a chef, she's an inspiration.
    Greg Munson, Television Producer
  • I have a HUGE life. I'm a real estate broker, attorney, the mother of three girls, and my husband is a vegetarian. Putting dinner on the table drives my crazy, with Linda's guidance, every palette in my home is satisfied. She brings us all to the table.
    Tracy McCulloch J.D., Broker Associate